Pass the Milk, not the Cookies

Did you know that drinking milk may help prevent tooth decay?

“According to a study in The Journal of the American Dental Association, drinking milk after eating sweet foods could help reduce the damage sugar can do to your teeth.

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s School of Dentistry tested the effects of drinking milk, apple juice or water on teeth directly after eating a sugary cereal and whether it would affect the acidity of dental plaque.

They found that drinking milk after eating cereal helped lower plaque acid levels the most, followed by water, cereal only and apple juice.”

So encouraging your children to drink milk can help them more than just creating better bones.  It can strengthen their teeth as well.




Crown Me!

You probably already know that at Brogdon Dental you can get a new crown in one visit. If you have recently been told you need a crown or you have never had one before, you might wonder why crowns are necessary and what is involved in the process.

The  most common reasons a dentist will suggest a crown are:

  • to restore the shape of excessively worn teeth
  • to repair a tooth that has been chipped or broken
  • to repair and strengthen a tooth that is too decayed to be fixed with a filling

A  crown is basically a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over your original  tooth and it will both protect your tooth and return it to its original  shape. Broken or decayed teeth can be painful, especially if nerves are  exposed, and also dangerous because decay can progress deeper causing  infection and other complications.  Usually  when you get a crown, it requires several visits to the dentist’s office. Most of the time, the dentist will prepare your existing tooth  and make a cast for a lab to create the crown, then give you a temporary  crown until your permanent one is ready. Then you go back, have the  temporary crown removed and your permanent one put in.

At Brogdon Dental, we know that your time is as important as your smile so we now use a revolutionary tool that creates a permanent crown in about an hour called CEREC. After taking a 3D image of your tooth, our CEREC machine can create a strong, beautiful restoration in about an hour. We’ll permanently place the crown during your single visit, and you’ll leave our office with a full, healthy smile. Call us today to schedule an appointment and find out more!