Trick or Treat for your Kids Teeth

Can Halloween treats be tricks for your kids teeth? What are the best treats for your kids to indulge in this year? the worse?  Here is a list of some of the good and bad treats for your kids.

Good Treats:

  • frozen fruit bars with chunks of real fruit
  • sugar-free gum
  • light popcorn
  • pretzels

Not too Scary:

  • chocolate without sticky fillings
  • peanut butter cups
  • sugar-free lollipops

Bad Tricks:

  • taffy
  • gummy bears
  • caramel
  • sour candies
  • jawbreakers

While all candies are not bad for your teeth, eating too much of anything, even good things, is not recommended. Remember, anything that can get stuck in your teeth is probably not good for your teeth. And don’t forget to brush and floss. At Brogdon Dental, we want to help your kids keep their boo-tiful smiles!


Chewing Gum for Cavity Prevention

Did you know that chewing gum can help you have a better smile?  Just chew a piece of sugarless gum after your meal for 20 minutes. It’s as simple as that.  According to the American Dental Association, this increases saliva flow to your mouth, and that helps with these decay-fighting benefits:

  • Washes away food debris
  • Neutralizes acid
  • Provides disease-fighting substances
  • Delivers more calcium and phosphate

The ADA also suggests that the gum carry it’s seal of approval so check your package. Even though chewing sugarless gum is a good thing, it shouldn’t replace good daily dental care and your semi annual visit to your dentist.