The Psychology of the Smile

One thing we have that is common to us all is our smile.  Our smile can be one of the most powerful things we have at our disposal.  A smile is universal and everyone understands the meaning behind it in any language. Many of us smile because we are happy and our smile conveys joy to those around us, but sometimes smiling can make us feel happy even when we’re not.

For a long time, scientists have linked emotions with changes occurring in the body, from an elevated heart rate to flexion of the zygomatic major muscle… that’s smiling to you and me.  It’s called ‘facial feedback hypothesis’. Our brains react to what our body is doing and it can have a knock on affect to our emotions. If we put on a smile, whether we’re genuinely happy or not, our brains will interpret it as happiness and our mood will change accordingly.

Smiles can be sincere, broad, small (a grin), natural, spontaneous and infectious. Scientist have documented about 14 different types of smiles. Even if we don’t feel happy, smiling can make those around us happy and in turn make us feel happier as well.

If you feel your smile could use a little extra help, call us. At Brogdon Dental we want to see you smile and would like to help you have the best smile possible.  Your smile is really one of your greatest gifts, don’t hide it.


National Smile Month

This is National Smile Month and here are some fun facts to think about.

  • It takes 43 muscles to frown but only 17 to smile.
  • The most popular food that makes us smile is Chocolate 🙂
  • Half brush our tongue when brushing our teeth (cleaning your tongue helps to remove bacteria from your mouth)
  • Top of the list of things we could not do without when going on holiday: A Toothbrush.
  • The increase in consumption of sugary drinks is one of the key reasons for dental decay, particularly in kids.
  • Fluoride has been proven to reduce dental decay by at least 40%.

Just reading some of these facts may have caused you to smile.  At Brogdon Dental, we love your smile and want to see it more often.

So don’t hold back, let your smile out!