Pregnancy and your Teeth

Did you know that maintaining healthy teeth is an important part of a healthy pregnancy?  Routine brushing and flossing, as well as seeing your dentist during pregnancy may decrease the chance of complications during your pregnancy,

According to Medical News Today..

Research has indicated that women with periodontal disease may be at risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes, such giving birth to a pre-term or low-birth weight baby, reports the AAP and EFP.  Several research studies have suggested that women with periodontal disease may be more likely to deliver babies prematurely or with low-birth weight than mothers with healthy gums.

In addition, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recently released a statement encouraging pregnant women to sustain their oral health and recommended regular dental cleanings during pregnancy.

It’s important to maintain your regular dental appointments and not forget to keep your teeth at their best.  As an expectant mother, by taking care of your health, you also help insure the health of your unborn baby.  Call us today at Brogdon Dental to schedule your bi-annual cleaning.



Back to School Dental Tips

With school starting it’s time to think about your child’s bi-annual dental visit.  Getting your child’s teeth checked should be one of the main things on your Back to School List.  At Brogdon Dental we can check your child’s teeth to make sure they are able to perform their best at school.

According to the Surgeon General, more than 51 million hours of school are missed every year due to dental illness.

It’s also good to get your kids back in to the habit of brushing twice daily and flossing.  Eating health snacks after school is also important.

As parents, keeping your child’s teeth looking and feeling good will also improve their self esteem and overall well being.