How Important is Flossing?

Every  time you go to the dentist you probably hear about the importance of  flossing.  At Brogdon Dental our hygienist will probably mention it, and Dr. Brogdon will too. We can’t ignore the fact that  flossing is an important component of good oral health.

Yet, people don’t floss. Or, at least, lots of folks don’t. The range  of people who report flossing on a daily basis is somewhere between  10-30%, depending on who you ask. That’s a pretty low percentage. There are plenty of reasons that people give for not flossing, but here are a few good reasons you should:

  • Brushing cleans about 70% of the surface of your teeth. That leaves 30% not being cleaned if you don’t floss.
  • Flossing  prevents tooth decay. There is no doubt, it is proven fact. Cleaning  between the teeth removes bits of food, prevents plaque buildup and  prevents decay.
  • Bad breath is usually preventable, and flossing helps prevent it.
  • Gingivitis can be painful and can lead to worse conditions. Flossing helps prevent it.
  • You only get one set of teeth. Okay, you really get two, but you should still take care of them!

There  are many more options available for flossing than there were even a few  years ago. Experiment and find a method of flossing that you are  comfortable with. Try to incorporate it into your routine at the same  time everyday. Flossing is quick, inexpensive and one of the best things  you can do to keep your teeth healthy.

If you have any questions about flossing, ask Dr. Brogdon or the hygienist on your next visit. You’ll be glad you did!


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