Are your fillings toxic?

Recently, Dr. Oz invited dental experts to his television program to discuss whether those silver fillings, known as amalgams, are toxic to our health. From memory loss to mood swings, could your toxic teeth be to blame for your health problems? Mercury fillings are banned in some countries. Should you consider having yours removed? According to Dr. Jonathan B. Levine. you might want to consider removal.

If you are concerned about removal, here are a couple of his tips to help you decide:

Because you are exposed to mercury when they are first placed and when they are removed, don’t automatically dash to the dentist to have them all taken out now. But ask your dentist to check your fillings to make sure they are intact and then discuss whether it is better to keep them or remove them.

If your fillings are 20 years old or older, resulting in decay beneath them or gum inflammation, Dr. Levine recommends replacing them with a non-amalgam restoration. A cost-effective option is a direct composite fillings, or you may want to opt for porcelain or gold to strengthen your teeth without associated risks.

If you have any questions about your old amalgam fillings give Dr. Brogdon a call.  We’ll set up an appointment to talk with you and help you decide what is best for you.



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