Smiling Testimonials!

From time to time we want to spotlight some of our patients and include their testimonials. This month’s patient is Keeli Crewe. Mrs. Crewe has been a patient of ours for a number of years and this is what she had to say…

I’ve always been a happy, smiley person, but now I really like my smile. Before Dr. Brogdon did my veneers, my teeth were small and discolored (from genetics and medicine I took as a kid). Dr. Brogdon reshaped my smile with his artistic skill, genuine love for his field and continuing education. He used the latest materials and technology and my teeth are much brighter. Dr. Joe B. Brogdon has always been my DDS of choice for dental care and hygiene, but he can do so much more for your teeth and smile. Consult with him on your next appointment to learn ways improve yours – I’m happy and smiling that I did!

Keeli Crewe showing her wonderful smile!
Keeli Crewe showing her wonderful smile!

If you want to have a happy smile like Keeli, we can help.  Give us a call today at Brogdon Dental and let us show you how you can smile and be happy too.


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