Oral Health for Adults over 60

Do you think that cavities can only happen to the young?  With more people keeping there natural teeth longer, the likelihood of having a cavitiy is extended into your later years.  Good oral health is important at any age. A healthy mouth is essential for a health body.

According to healthymouth.org:

Maintaining good oral health habits now is especially important because unhealthy bacteria in the mouth not only can harm your teeth and gums but may be associated with serious medical conditions. Research has shown that infections in the mouth may be associated with heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pneumonia and other health problems that are common in older adults. It really only takes a few simple steps, brushing and flossing daily, visiting your dentist regularly and eating nutritious foods to be Mouth Healthy for Life.

Here are some healthy habits to establish:

  • Brush and Floss Daily
  • Clean Dentures Daily
  • Visit a Dentist Regularly
  • Drink Water with Fluoride
  • Quit Smoking

Remember, Your Mouth is the Gateway to your Body.  Taking care of your teeth at any age is timeless advice.  Call us today at Brogdon Dental to make an appointment to see how you’re doing.


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